Belarus diplomat summoned to Romanian foreign ministry after making "inappropriate" remarks

By: The Associated Press

BUCHAREST, Romania - Romania's Foreign Ministry has accused a Belarus diplomat who criticized its support of Belarus' opposition movement of making "inappropriate" remarks.

The Charge d'Affaires of Belarus in Bucharest, Serghey Molunov, criticized Romania's financial aid to the opposition in an interview with Mediafax news agency Wednesday, saying the recession-mired country could scarcely afford it.

Romania had pledged money for the opposition - which faces constant censorship and arrest - at an international donors' conference Wednesday.

Molunov also praised late Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu for paying off Romania's entire foreign debt before his ouster and execution in Dec. 1989. Romania was a model country under Ceausescu, he said.

He continued his attack by comparing the two countries potato, egg, milk and vegetable production in 2009, boasting that it was higher per capita in Belarus, as Romanian production has dropped substantially in the past two decades.

The ministry summoned Molunov for talks Thursday. It said in a statement that it supported "the democratic aspirations of Belarus society" and called Molunov's remarks "inappropriate."

There was no response from the Belarus Embassy or Molunov Thursday.


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