Belarus Opposition Gets $120 Million in Aid

By Marco 't Hoen

The opposition in Belarus will get $120 million in additional aid from dozens of governments, based on pledges made during an International Donor's Conference on Belarus held in Warsaw on Wednesday.

In a move designed to prevent the isolation of the population in Belarus that is suffering under President Alexander Lukashenko's regime, the European Union and United States promised the aid.

Belarus has seen an ongoing crackdown on civil society since violent suppression of mass demonstrations following the heavily disputed Dec. 19, 2010, elections.

The announcement of aid for the opposition comes after the United States and EU imposed sanctions on top Belarus government officials.

The donations will contribute to Belarusian non-governmental organizations, independent media, and students subject to the regime's suppression, according to a European Commission press release.

The EC quadrupled its support to $21.4 million, the United States increased its to $15 million this year, and Poland, which borders Belarus, pledged an additional $14.8 million.


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