Yum! Food From Belarus

Verfasst von Americannj am Mi

Travel Europe, the online European Travel Guide, has announced a new addition to the Belarus Travel Guide: Guide to Belarusian Cuisine

Travel Europe's Belarus TravelGuide, complete with photos and useful links, gives visitors detailed information on: How to obtain a visa, how to travel to Belarus, where to stay in Minsk and Belarus, what to do in Minsk and Belarus, and much more.

With this new addition travelers going to Belarus or those who are interested in Belarus will learn about traditional Belarusian cuisine. The new section highlights special features of Belarusian cuisine as well as a collection of free recipes with mouthwatering pictures including: Belarusian salads and soups, famous Belarusian draniki and other potato dishes as well as some delicious meat dishes and deserts.

Gene and Galina Emmer, an American and Belarusian couple are the authors of Travel Europe. Talking about this new addition on Belarusian food they said that without it the Belarus Travel Guide would not be complete: "National cuisine reflects the history, customs and traditions of the people ", said Gene "I enjoy Belarusian food, especially the creativity of it."

Galina said: "It is often believed that due to the lack of national identity Belarus has lost its traditions including its national cuisine. But it is completely untrue. As is the case of many European countries, Belarus was influenced by its neighbors and its history. However many traditional dishes remain. Any Belarusian family will treat you to a plate of delicious traditional national Belarusian dish of draniki with machanka."

If you are not planning to be in Belarus soon, take advantage of the recipe collection and get a taste of Belarusian cooking. And if you are planning a trip, make sure you know the top picks for traditional dishes to try when in Belarus. This section will also be of value to anyone interested in traditional Slavonic cooking.