Belarus adopts 15 key parameters of economic security

Minsk, Feb 28 (NNN-BELTA) The Belarusian government has adopted a list of the most important parameters of the nation's economic security as laid down by a Council of Ministers resolution.

Representatives of the Council of Ministers' Office told BelTA Tuesday that the list includes 15 parameters such as the deterioration of active parts of the fixed production-related assets as registered at the end of the year, the share of fixed-capital investments in the economy and the share of new products in the total industrial output.

The share of proprietary energy resources in the national consumption of boiler and furnace fuels will be monitored while the production of grain per capita will be one of the most important parameters.

The share of imported foodstuffs in the retail trade will be tracked. An eye will be kept on such parameters as deficit decrease and the correlation of the consolidated budget surplus to the GDP, the correlation of the home and foreign debts to the GDP, the level of gold and foreign currency reserves in the import broken down by month.

In order to ensure the national economic security, the government will have to keep a certain correlation between the unemployed and the active population. The share of people with incomes lower than the subsistence level will be kept under control.

The list of the most important parameters also includes the correlation of the minimal retirement pension and the subsistence budget of a pensioner.

The achievement of the foreign trade surplus, including the surplus of trade in services, is one of the key parameters as well.

The monitoring of the key figures is implemented as a system for continuous tracking, scientific analysis and assessment of the most important parameters of the national economic security, which are defined by the 2006-2010 National Social and Economic Development Programme.

The main tasks of the monitoring will be collection, processing and analysis of information about the status of the key economic security figures, timely detection of deviations. Factors influencing the status of the key economic security parameters of the country will be studied.

Tendencies will have to be substantiated and the key economic security figures will have to be forecast for the short and medium terms. Analytical papers will be worked out to be used for planning by state agencies in order to ensure the economic security.

As the information basis, the monitoring system will use data of the national statistics system and special studies. The monitoring will be organized and performed by state bodies and will be co-ordinated by the economy ministry. -- NNN-BELTA