U.S. Treasury Widened the Travel Ban List for Belarus' Bureaucrats

U.S. Department of the Treasury designated February 27 six more government officials of Belarus, who played important roles in the oppressive regime of that country and imposed sanctions in their respect.

According to the web-site of the U.S. Treasury, the action was taken against Belarus' Prosecutor General Pyotr Miklashevich, Minsk Special Riot Police Chief Yury Podobed, Education Minister Alexander Radkov, Information Minister Vladimir Rusakevich, former Interior Minister Yury Sivakov and Justice Ministry's Political Association head Oleg Slizhevsky.

With the yesterday's addition, the U.S. Treasury has taken action against sixteen government's officials of Belarus, including President Alexander Lukashenko. The list will be further widened, the Treasury warned.

The Bush administration blames on the state elite of Belarus crackdown on the opposition and falsified results of the presidential elections of March 2006.

The European Union also took action against those officials, imposing travel ban and asset freeze on them.