Produce markets of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus livened up during the Lent

The "Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits" weekly journal observes the significant activation of fresh produce trade on the markets of CIS countries which have already consolidated the prices for major fruits and vegetables.

The fruit and vegetable vendors have been recently reporting about the more active demand from the side of the wholesale buyers; the retail chains inform about the sales growth observed for fresh fruits and vegetables. To the specialists' opinion, this fact can be explained by the beginning of the Lent during which the consumption of meat and other livestock products considerably reduces, and the demand for fish, berries, vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs, canned produce and pickled vegetables grows rapidly.

As a result of the demand growth on the wholesale markets of Ukraine the price for potato has been insignificantly increased first of all in the southern and eastern regions of the country. Potato prices have not been changed much in the Western Ukraine oblasts. No significant changes were recorded for cabbage price. At the same time, bulb onion has got on average 9% expensive during the past 7 days. In addition to the demand growth during the Lent, the price increase for onion can be explained by the growing demand from the side of the exporters. They have significantly extended the geography of the export supplies of Ukrainian bulb onion.

The situation on the carrot market has somewhat been improved for the first time this season. An average price for carrot has increased $0.01-0.02/kg in several regions of the country. However, the prices have dropped down again in the West of Ukraine where the oversupply of this product still exists. No significant changes were observed on the table beet market.

The prices for apples have increased on average 2-3% this week; this trend correlates with the situation on the market of Ukraine and Poland. Bananas have got 7% more expensive during the same period of time. The prices for oranges and tangerines remained stable. Talking about other citrus fruits, only lemons got expensive. We have already informed that the price for mushrooms (champignons and oyster mushrooms) somewhat increased too.

To the opinion of Andriy Yarmak, the Deputy Director of the Agricultural Marketing Project, the prices for vegetables won't grow significantly soon. To the expert's opinion, fresh product from the modern storages will start to be sold early March, so the supply of high quality produce will be extended. As a result, the demand for low- and medium-quality produce may somewhat decline; this situation can result in the insignificant price decrease in all price segments.