Minsk, Belarus: Things to do and See

Business The best way to get to know a new city is through the eyes of people who either live there, or know it well.

But what do you do when you are a tourist to a city like Minsk, Belarus and you don't know anyone who lives there? Now you can turn to Travel Europe, a free online guide to European destinations, for suggestions.

Minsk, Belarus with a population of 1.7 million is Europe's 12th largest city. Although it is larger than Munich, Warsaw, Vienna or Milan, it is a charming and relatively peaceful city. In order to help travelers to Minsk to get the most out of their visit, the Travel Europe team has created a list of their Top 10 Favorite Things to do in Minsk. The list includes suggestions such as a visit to the Belarus Circus complete with video featuring highlights from a recent performance. There are also suggested walking routes so that visitors can know where to go to view the most interesting sights.

After you go for a walk and what do you do next? Do you know where you can have a nice meal and enjoy a panoramic view over the city of Minsk, Belarus? The Travels Europe team offer further suggestions on how to get the most of your visit to this remarkable city. Click here to view Travel Europe's Top 10 Things to Do in Minsk,Belarus

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