Belarus: new apple varieties

Warsaw - Three new domestic apple varieties 'Belarusian Sweet', 'Imant' and 'Nadzeyny' were registered in Belarus this year. According to the information (presented at from Zoya Kozlovskaya working at the Belarusian Research Institute for Fruit Growing, new varieties can be used in intensive modern orchards.

The selective program, directed toward the creation of quality apple trees with durable and stable scab resistance is carried in the Institute for 30 years already The most promising selections - all scab resistant - are 'Belorussian Sweet', 'Darunak', 'Imant', 'Nadzeyny', The memory of Kovalenko', 'Pospekh' and 'Sabrina'. During 10 year period of testing in the orchard, they proved to be highly productive, early bearing (trees start to produce about 2 kg of apples on 2 year old trees) and to crop regularly.

Trees can also withstand unfavorable winter conditions and spring frost. About 30 thousand cuttings of new varieties were passed from the Institute to commercial nurseries already. Three registered varieties bear good quality fruits which can be stored for a long period in common storage or to the end of season in CA or ULO storage. According to Kozlovskaya new varieties will make it possible to increase the level of apple production profitability in Belarus by 10-15%. More modern orchards will also let to reduce import of apples during winter, since more domestic fruits should be available in 2-3 years.