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The Academy was established as The Fellowship of Engineering in December 1992. The Academy is a non-governmental organisation.

The object of The Belarusian Academy of Engineering is the encouragement and maintenance of excellence in the whole field of engineering to useful purpose in order to promote the advancement of the science and practice of engineering for the benefit of the public.

In pursuance of that object The Academy shall have the following powers:

  • to uphold and advance proficiency in the practice of engineering;
  • to stimulate excellence and encourage creativity and innovation in engineering and in research, development and design in the manufacture of engineering products;
  • to promote excellence in the engineering education;
  • to provide and exchange information on all branches of engineering;
  • to cooperate and foster relations with other organizations at home or overseas in pursuit of similar objects.
Election to The Academy is by invitation , up to 60 Fellows being elected each year from nominations made by the body of Fellows. They are distinguished by the title "Academician of the Belarusian Academy of Engineering" or "Corresponding-member of the Belarusian Academy of Engineering". Honorary Academicians and Foreign Members who have made exceptional contributions to engineering are also elected.

In January 1998 there were 512 Fellows. The direction and management of The Academy is exercised by its elected Presidium which consists of the President, Senior Vice President, three Vice Presidents, Senior Secretary, four Chairmen of Regional Branches and up to twelve other fellows.

The Academy undertakes a range of activities related to its aim of encouraging "excellence in engineering", some of which are initiated by The Academy while others are carried bodies. Through its members, The Academy acts as a permanent forum for exchange and consultation between Belarusian Institutions, Industry and Research.

The Academy has set up a series of conferences and workshops organised in various directions: environment, information technology, transport, engineering education, construction, communication, biotechnology, chemical technology and other.

The Academy publishes a periodical "News of The Belarusian Academy of Engineering", conference proceedings and commissioned working party reports.

Links are maintained with learned societies, professional institutions other bodies with mutual interests. The Academy is a member of the International Academy of Engineering.

Income of the Academy is derived from Fellow's subscription, from the Department of Science and Technology, investments, and income for contracts associated with the practice of engineering.


Belarus, 220050, Minsk
K. Marks, 16, Apart.40
phone 375-17227-53-72
fax 375-17276-81-40

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